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Hangouts, an instant messaging tool designed by Google, offers similar services as to those brought to you by applications like Whatsapp or LINE. However, this application has added some new and interesting features.

Thanks to the new features included in Hangouts, you'll be able to use all kinds of visual elements, like pictures or emojis, in your messages. There are more than 100 emojis to choose from. Also, you can take a picture as you're having the conversation and send it, or send one that you already have saved on your iPhone.

Hangouts will tell you when one of your friends has signed on, when they are writing, or, if you wrote them before, the exact time that they read your message. Also, you don't need to be connected to the application to be able to receive a message from other users (but you do have to be signed on in order to read it).

Similar to Google Talk (the application that has been replaced by Hangouts), you can convert any conversation into a video conference whenever you want. You can talk with up to 10 people as long as they are all connected at the same time. You just need to press a button and you'll be able to make a video call instantly.

One of the best parts about Hangouts is that you can use it on any device and still keep up with all of your ongoing conversations. So, you can start talking on your computer, continue on your iPad, and finish the conversation from your iPhone.

Hangouts, as is usual with this type of application, allows you to save all the conversations you've had with every user. This is especially useful for saving the pictures you share, which will be stored in folders that are dedicated specifically to each of your friends.

Hangouts is an excellent option for instant messaging on iOS devices. Also, you can use it locally on your iPad, which is something that most other similar instant messaging services do not support.
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